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Easy to Use

This app is primarily used to measure attitude (Strike, Dip and Dip Direction...) of geological structures. The attitude measured by this app is defined as below figures. It could also measure line structures. The usage of this app is very easy. Just let the device oriented as the attitude of the geological structures, then the values of attitude will be shown on the screen.

 Plane Measurement 

Effective in The Field

Users could save all data (including Strike, Dip, Azimuth, Dip Direction, Coordinates, Altitude and Address...) by just only clicking on the "Save" button, no need to write anything in your survey notebook anymore. In addition, users could also add photos, videos, voice notes and text description to the survey data.



Dip Direction

All survey data could be exported for user's post usage. The method to export survey data, please see FAQ page.

Data Export



 Line Measurement 


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